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Being involved in your professional trade Association has its benefits.   One might ask, "Is serving on a committee for me?"  Or, "Being on a committee or task force is just a waste of time isn't it?"  The answer is that being a REALTOR is a profession of pride and that pride of membership can be expanded by taking part in a committee or task force that is suited to your talents.   Some are of the erroneous belief that its a huge commitment of time to serve.   This is a false notion.   If you feel you're of Judicial Temperament, you might be well suited to the Grievance or Professional Standards Committee.  If you're interested in further education for REALTORS, the Education Committee could be a good fit.   Are you a social person that believes that life isn't all work and no play?   If so, the Social committee is right for you.   Consider yourself a political person, one interested in politics on the local, State and National levels - then Government Affairs has a seat for you.  How about advancing the cause of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity?  If you're into giving something back to the communities you serve or helping those less fortunate than you, the REALTORS Who Care Task Force offers wonderful opportunities to feel good about helping people.   What about enhancing the image of REALTORS and putting a professional face on organized real estate - the very active Public Relations Committee is perfect.

WMLAR has a place for you and truly desires your participation.   There is a certain 'feel good' aspect that goes along with serving.   Being involved gives you a voice.   Many REALTORS are 'checkbook members' that pay their fees and that's it.   While that certainly is okay, everybody benefits in some fashion thanks to the efforts of the Boards, Committee's and Task Force's.   For more information, we encourage you to contact the Association President, or our Staff Committee Contact person, Lori Santellan at 616-846-6240 or e-mail her at,

Our Address:
12916 168th Ave
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Contact Us:
Local: (616)-846-6240
Local Fax: (616)-846-5155

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