Government Affairs/RPAC Committee

Government Affairs/RPAC Committee

Co-Chairs: Stacey Ruwe, Cindy Maurer - Click to Join




Government Affairs / RPAC Committee

The Government Affairs Committee is charged with the responsibility of studying proposed and existing legislation effecting real estate. Its areas of concern cover local, state and national legislation and annual fund raising for the Realtors Political Affairs Committee (RPAC). It also makes suggestions to legislators and communicates the Association’s position on legislative matters. It is charged with interviewing candidates in the event the Association wishes to endorse candidates in political races and recommends those legislators who are most favorable to the real estate industry and private property rights. The Committee is responsible for educating the membership on the importance of involvement in the Legislative process, and the solicitation of funds to support the Realtors Political Action Committee in order for RPAC to support Legislators at the state and national level favorable to the real estate profession. It’s estimated they meet 6-8 times a year."



WMLAR Government Affairs Committee stands firmly with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) in OPPOSING BOTH the Senate’s and House’s proposed TAX legislation.  It’s bad for buyers, sellers, homeowners and Realtors. HERE’S WHY:


Diminishes tax incentives for over 90% of home owners (House & Senate versions)

·        Mortgage interest deduction is capped at $500k loan size (House version)

·        Capital Gains tax immunity will be very difficult – taking an additional 3 years of residence to qualify (House & Senate versions)


Mortgage interest for Second Homes (House version)

·        Mortgage interest for Home Equity Loans (Senate version)

·        All State & Local Taxes - INCLUDING PROPERTY TAX (Senate version)

The NAR projects that EITHER proposal will cause property values to drop significantly – possibly as much as 10%!

VOICE YOUR OPPOSITION NOW!!! Click the links below – it only takes a minute!

Call to Action link

Contact your Senator:

Contact your Representative:

Share this with your family, friends, clients and associates & encourage them to take similar action and protect the benefits of homeownership!

THANK YOU to all that have stepped up to the Call for Action and invested in RPAC to help make WMLAR the #1 Association of its size in the country for Member Participation



Co-Chairs: Stacey Ruwe & Cindy Maurer
David Clark
Linda Crouse
Gail DeVries
Angie Eliopulos
Tantzi Habsburg
Dan Hendrick
Kevin Hoeve
Mike Houskamp
Don Hutchins
Joel Koziol
Dean Kreps
Mark Oegema
Juan Ramirez
Wendy Ryder
Brit Shearer
Stan Sikkenga
Erienne Smith
Lucas Smith
Louise St Amour
Patricia Tabachuk
Amy Taylor
Michelle Teitsma
Eric Van Horssen
Dawn Van Kampen
Gigi Virta
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