WMLAR Memorial

WMLAR Memorial

The West Michigan Lakeshore Association of REALTORS® has one of the most unique and meaningful ways to remember REALTORS who have passed away.  The REALTOR Memorial, situated in a park-like setting on the southwest side of the Association’s headquarters building at 12916 168th Ave, Grand Haven.  Anyone that was a member at the time of their passing has their name permanently etched in the granite.  A park bench at the end of a short walkway faces the Memorial and is a nice place for family and friends to sit in quiet reflection.
Many have commented on this wonderful way to remember a loved one, a person that was Proud To Be A REALTOR.  Take time to visit this tribute the next time you are in the area.  Names that appear are as follows, and added to as necessary…



2000          George Frederick


2001          Judith Versendaal

                  John Shrauger

                  Jose Garza


2002          James Bricker

                  Kristi Nagelkirk


2003          Herbert Ginman

                  Max Green, Sr.

                  Elmo Hahn


2004          Wayne Boeve

                  Donna O’Connor

                  Joyce Thomas


2005          Dianna Bittner

                  Lou Vollmer

                  Kathryn Linde

                  Rod Horsfall

                  Karen Reed

                  Carole Pray


2006          James D.  Jones


2007          David C. Gephart

                  Pamela K. Janczyk

                  Richard J. Miel

                  Henri Paterson

                  Jill C. Brown

                  Gregory J. Barre

                  Steven W. Semer



2008          Charles R. Harris

                  Troy D. VanderStelt

                  David H. Burnside


2009          Neil P. Meinke


2010          Constance M. Curtis

                  John R. Achterhoff Jr

                  Lynda L. Holmes


2011          Ross A. Nykamp

                  Carolyn R. Zaagman


2012          Steve Miller

                  Marty VanHuis


2013          Emma Murillo-Bartell

                  Maryanne M. Zenger

                  Craig A. Heuvelman


2014          Diane L. Leep


2015          Cindy Ellis

                  Marilyn Tebelak

                  Michelle Glennon Topp


2016          Michael R. Peel


2017          Scott M. Dorn                 

                  Calvin Van Noord

                  Karmen McBride

                  Jim Bradford


2018          Chuck De Feyter                 

                  Cheryl Fricke


2019          Larry Robert Rottman                

                  Marty Gravelyn Sr


2020          Scott Ellis                 

                  Patrick Coffin



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