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Welcome to the West Michigan Lakeshore Association of Realtors®. We are your voice for real estate along the lakeshore. In order to become a REALTOR® you must submit your application with the appropriate fees and dues and complete our entire orientation program. The term REALTOR® can only be used as a reference to ones self if he/she has completed all the Requirements. If you have any questions regarding membership please contact our Director of Membership, Jodi Thelen at jodi@wmlar.com. You are about to embark on a great career in which your earning potential is unlimited.

We hope that the site will become one of your most useful tools for gathering and sharing information. If you have any suggestions that you feel would be beneficial to the WMLAR website, we would appreciate your input. Please contact dale@wmlar.com with your suggestions.



Interested In learning the Benefits of becoming a member of WMLAR? We have all the information you need. Click here to learn about the benefits of being a member of WMLAR!


Fees & Dues

For current new member fees, please contact the brokerage you will be joining. If you are a broker, please contact Jodi at the Association office 616-846-6240 or email jodi@wmlar.com.


Our Address:
12916 168th Ave
Grand Haven, MI 49417
Contact Us:
Local: (616)-846-6240
Local Fax: (616)-846-5155

WMLAR Classroom Rental

Rent the WMLAR Classroom!

Our classroom is Internet ready and spacious. If you are interested in renting out the room click here to download the Rental Policy Form

WMLAR is on Facebook

Did you know we are on Facebook? By "friending" us you will be able to get updates to events, information directly from the CEO and communication from members like yourselves. It's easy, just click here.

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